Heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Comprehensive provision of services and products for construction of industrial or private air conditioning, ventilation, cooling, heating, electric wiring.







Electric wiring
Electric wiring

Electric wiring

Ventilation in the buildings

Technologies of the technical equipment of buildings

The TZB (HVAC) range of services include a complete delivery and assembly of equipment of the following trades:

in the residential, civic, and industrial development area for both private as well as public investors.


From design to the implementation

  • The TZB - HVAC activities are managed also from the point of design, from the investor's assignment through the solution draft, up to implementation design documentation (DD).
  • We also offer processing of technical and price optimizations of the tender DD submitted by the investor, and technical support.
  • Upon request of the investor, we can arrange full delivery of the trades mentioned above including the instrumentation system and design thereof.
  • We perform these activities by the team of our employees - office staff and assembly groups.


The most significant reference technical equipment of buildings-HVAC deliveries

  • Health and Social Faculty of Jihočeská univerzita in České Budějovice (2015)
  • Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení, České Budějovice, Písek, Strakonice, Prachatice, Český Krumlov, Tábor (2014)
  • Penny Market shops – acrosss the Czech Republic (since 2011)
  • Autosalon BMW - ACR auto České Budějovice (2014)
  • Banes production and office building in Soběslav (2014)
  • Agricultural Faculty of Jihočeská univerzita in České Budějovice - buildings A,C,D,E (2014)
  • Cinema in Č. Velenice (2014)
  • Strakonice - Hospital, construction and reconstruction of operating theatres, resuscitation unit, and internal medicine (2013)
  • Jihočeské muzeum in České Budějovice (2013)
  • Hospice of St. J. Neumann, Prachatice (2012)
  • Technologický park Žižkova kasárna, Písek (2012)
  • VZP office building Žižkova ul., České Budějovice (2011)
  • Academy of Sciences - biological centre, České Budějovice (2011)
  • Perla residential house, České Budějovice (2010)
  • Ta Fabrika Humpolec (2010)
  • Exhibition Grounds České Budějovice (2010)
  • Hospital in Strakonice – surgery, cytostatics (2009)
  • Reconstruction of a school cafeteria, Zliv (2008)
  • Géčko shopping centre, České Budějovice (2007)
  • Scientific and technical park, stage 3 and 4, České Budějovice (2007)
  • Tesco Č. Krumlov (2007)
  • Yacht port Marina Lipno – apartments stage, V, VI (2007)
  • Ice arena, České Budějovice (2002)
  • Swimming arena, České Budějovice (1999)
  • Česká spořitelna, České Budějovice (1997)
  • Hochstaffl business and office building, České Budějovice (2010)
  • Lady Marmelade, Chelčice (2008)
  • Kondik shopping zone, České Budějovice (2007)
  • Muncipality office building, České Budějovice (2000)