As is documentation

Large as well as small projects

As is documentation

Technical equipment for facilities design

Processing of the design documentation

The grounds for each successful project is the design documentation and its perfect implementation including proper required features.

Design engineering

Technical equipment of the buildings from design to the implementation

We process the design documentation in the fields of ventilationheating and cooling (HVAC) in all project phases.

  • studies, design assignments in the form of consultation with user, operator in order to offer optimum solution with respect to operation and capital costs
  • authorized projects for the construction permits, noise studies
  • projects for a contractor selection procedure
  • implementation projects
  • as is documentation
  • energy studies

We have experience from the projects and implementations of the industrial buildingsoperation buildingscivil amenities buildingsresidential housessport facilities, and projects of special industrial and technological applications.

For the design activities in each trade we also provide:


Design documentation

  • hot water sources for solid fuels
  • hot water sources for gas and liquid fuels exclusively with the use of condensing technology
  • multi heat source systems, integration of the heat sources
  • air-water thermal pumps with high SCOP and water temperature up to 75 °C
  • earth-water thermal pump with possible use of natural cooling
  • air-air thermal pumps, the system of the fourth generation with equitherm management
  • systems for recuperation of waste heat
  • block heat and hot water sources based on thermal pumps (modules for 12, 24, and 36 flat units) as a replacement for heat from the central heat source systems, also in container mobile design
  • steam-water and water-water transmission stations (both pressure-dependent and pressure-non-dependent)
  • co-generation units, micro-generation, also in the mobile container design
  • heat exchangers for heat re-use
  • solar systems
  • accumulation of heat
  • heating of hot water
  • technological heating
  • thermal networks
  • mobile thermal and cooling sources in the steel containers
  • heating systems based on heaters, floor heating, fancoils, wall and ceiling panels for heating and cooling, VRV systems, hot-air systems, door curtains

Cooling and cool makers

Cool production and supply

  • air-water cool makers
  • water-water cool makers without impact on environment
  • earth-water cool makers without impact on environment
  • absorption units
  • VRV systems
  • split and multisplit systems
  • natural cooling with earth collector
  • air cooling
  • industrial cooling applications
  • cooling of servers and data centres, use of waste heat, TIER III and IV resistant systems, backup passive systems for cooling, accumulation of cold


Ventilation aided airing

  • systems of the forced heating using the ventilation units with recuperation of heat
  • exhaust of contaminated air with ventilation, filtration, silencers, Ex-design systems
  • ventilation systems for emergency escape routes
  • smoke and heat removal systems
  • garages ventilation systems
  • kitchens ventilation systems
  • emergency ventilation systems

Backup electric sources

UPS uninterruptible power supply

  • co-generation units
  • diesel aggregates
  • cooling of diesel aggregates
  • combustion products removal systems
  • containers

Instrumentation systems

Instrumentation system for the ventilation

  • equitherm control of heat and cold sources, heating of hot water, heating of pool water
  • cascade control of heat and cold sources
  • control systems for heat and cold recycling
  • smart buildings
  • systems of individual heating-cooling control (IRC)
  • control systems for ventilation units and air distribution