design version of the curtain

Nucleo 300 air heating curtain

design version of the curtain

Nucleo 3000 door curtain

Design heating curtain

The heating air curtains for installation by the doors to prevent cold air inflow to the interior. Modern Nucleo 3000 horizontal heating air curtain.

Horizontal model of the curtain

Nucleo 300 design curtain

Horizontal model of the curtain

The horizontal model of the door curtain for hot water and electric alternative of the heater. A wide range of the design hinges for concealed connection of the hanging components, and media and electric wiring connections. The hot water models are fitted with a filter, deaeration and sludge valves, and high performance heat exchanger with performance reserve. The Nucleo door curtain models are available up to 2.5m length with possible interconnection of the curtains for a single control. Stainless steel casing of the unit can be delivered upon request.

 NUCLEO 3000 curtain

Powerful heat curtain

NUCLEO 3000 curtain

  • Modern self-supporting structure of thermal curtain of round shapes 
  • NUCLEO 3000 adjustable exhaust louvres
  • Quiet operation of the air curtain
  • Modern curtain design
  • Painted or stainless steel design of the curtain
  • Self-supporting structure of rounded shapes
  • A wide range of accessory adapters