Noise silencers core JTHE

E version

Noise elimination silencer The silencer that is applied to the ductwork of the ventilation or construction holes. Horizontal or vertical placement.

Noise silencer to the ductwork of the ventilation


Core noise silencer is suitable for installation in the ventilation ductwork or construction or technological opening where noise elimination is required. The cores of the noise silencer are made in the standard from the zinc coated metal sheet always with the slides in order to achieve low pressure loss and low silencer own noise level Lw. The E variant is with a cardboard without perforated metal sheet.

Various silencers

Installation of the cores in the ductwork

  • The standard cores are suitable for non-abrasive air mass up to max 200 °C. 
  • Offered are also cores suitable for hygienic use or in a different material type (stainless steel).
  • A wide range of the noise silencers allows installation to almost any duct cross section, including unique possibility of any compilation of the cores next to or above each other. The manufacturer always recommends that the compilation has identical noise silencer lengths.
  • Horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Easy installation of the cores in the ductwork.
  • Supply of noise silencers including the ductwork upon request.

Core JTHE noise silencers

To ductwork of the ventilation