Noise control covers for heat pumps

attenuation of heat pumps

Noise control covers for heat pumps are included in a wide series of technological components that protect environment against acoustic noise.

Noise control covers for heat pumps

Heat pumps and efficient solution for noise problems

The Silentbox noise covers is an optimal solution for silencing of noise your heat pump or air-conditioning unit generates. Increasing interest and extent of use of the heat pump units and cooling units being installed particularly in the residential areas often results due to excessive noise level generated by the units in demand for:

  • attenuation of heat pumps
  • reduction of noise generating vibrations

The Silentbox noise control system is characterized in

  • high attenuation performance
  • easy installation without breaching of technical parameters of the unit.

Attenuation of heat pumps

The acoustic component will improve the environmental comfort not only for the user but for the surrounding environment as well. Its flexible structure permits directing of the air flow at input and output in multiple directions, and the options for use are expanded thereby. Condensate is drained through permeable section of the base floor frame of the noise cover.


Noise control covers for heat pumps

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