Metal sheet processing

Metal sheet processing

Modern production using CNC machines provides excellent quality and precise processing of each component of our products.

Bending of metal sheet

Precise processing of metal sheet

We will shape bend your cut out sheet or fired item to the required product according to drawing documentation with the use of CNC
TruBend 5130 bending press. The press has, in addition to common metal sheet bending, the feature of shifting of the lower die, i.e. folding
without die change required.

For bending of stainless steel metal sheets, the alternative without pressure marks can be selected. The metal sheet components can be welded or painted or completion of the final product may be ordered, including processing of the documentation and completion with required components.

Cutting of metal sheet

Shaping of metal sheet

For metal sheet cutting we use TruPunch 3000 punching CNC press to punch the metal sheets of different quality up to 3 mm and 3000x1250mm size.

Among other, the press is fitted with different tools for shaping of the metal sheets:

  • pushing
  • embedding
  • grooves
  • fins
  • bowls
  • extension
  • cutting
  • of thread, etc.

We use multiple punches for production of the punched metal sheets in order to speed up the production and increase effective price of the component. Included in the offer for larger production is the standard production of a component sample. The customer may use the services of our CAD-CAM designers and ask for the detail product documentation. The products can be delivered in required packaging or packing units delivered by the customer.

Laser cutting of metal sheets

Precise processing

The new TRUMPF Trumatic L3030 laser can be used for production of the components from the metal plates or the components with complicated shape. The machine allows processing of different material types in 3000x1500mm format of the following thickness:

  • for the structural steel up to 20mm
  • for stainless steel up to 12mm
  • for aluminium and aluminium alloys up to 8mm

Included in each offer is the individual approach to the customer and order. Full support of our qualified technologists guarantees optimum use of the used materials of high quality and origin from certified suppliers. We will be happy to provide you with our quotation based on your demand that contains drawing documentation (in DXF, DWG, IGS formats), and type, thickness and quality of the material, number of pieces, series production size, and contact information.

Paint coating

Wide palette of colours

Painting with all basic colours according to RAL, CSN or NCS. Paint type selection from EP, PEP, or PES. Powder painting colours range from highly shining up to highly matt shades. Painted surfaces may be smooth, finely structured surface, and deep structured surface. Metallic or pearl effect paints upon request.

Types of the mechanical surface pre-treatment:

  • cleaning
  • brushing
  • blasting

Types of the chemical surface pre-treatment:

  • degreasing
  • phosphating
  • chromating

Completion of the components to packing units according to the order standard. Selection of delivery conditions to either paint shop or to the place defined by the customer.
Selective painting with paints from the leading paint producers.

Services for the companies

CNC processing

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