Noise reduction

Acoustic measures

Noise reduction

For correct and targeted noise control in the industrial and residential zones. Attenuation of noise from engines, compressors, pipelines, and more.

Acoustic measures

Noise absorption

For the complete activity and offer in the ventilation industry, Stavoklima s.r.o. offers inherent anti-noise measures as well.

The anti-noise measures are needed not only for the commercial spaces where they reduce noise levels of engines, compressors, ductworks, and more but also for residential and industrial zones. The anti-noise measures are employed in the silencing fields using:

The other helpful components of the anti-noise measures include the noise silencers.

Why to use the acoustic measures?

The users require quiet operation and functionality of the ventilation, air conditioning, air curtains, and more. To operate correctly and as required, suitable anti-noise measures need to be provided to absorb noise while being undemanding and helpful as far as assembly and service are concerned. The anti-noise measures are resistant to weather conditions and provide suitable variability of the offer.

Acoustic Products

Acoustic Products 2015

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